Southern Vermont Heating FAQ: Why Consider a Heat Recovery Ventilator

Are you considering a heat recovery ventilators for your Southern Vermont  home? Call HB Energy to help you decide if a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) is the most cost-effective solution for your heating and ventilation needs. Our heating and home energy experts will go over the benefits and the installation process so that you know what to expect.

A heat recovery ventilator is installed to work with your existing heating system to provide energy-efficient ventilation. Some models also serve as an air cleaner and humidifier. A heat recovery ventilator transfers the heat from the air leaving your home to the air entering it, which allows you to add fresh air to your home without wasting heat energy. Energy recovery ventilators (ERV) work in a similar way, but they are not the best solution for all homes.

Knowing which type and model depends on your particular situation. Installing an HRV will definitely help with ventilation, and you don’t have to sacrifice energy savings as you would with other ventilation systems. If you aren’t sure whether an HRV is the best ventilation system for you, simply call the Southern Vermont  heating experts at HB Energy.

We also maintain and repair existing heat recovery ventilators. If you aren’t sure if your HRV is working properly, or if you have other ventilation concerns, call us ASAP. We’ll send one of our technicians over quickly to resolve the issue. Don’t take chances with improper ventilation, especially if you have a wood stove or gas heating system. Call us any time for your next tune-up. With proper maintenance, you can prevent heating or HRV repair needs.

Contact HB Energy for your next service or to learn more about the many benefits of a heat recover ventilator in your Southern Vermont home.

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