What Are the Benefits of Using a Boiler?

question-markIt’s a little late in the game to be having a new heater installed around here. The cold of winter came pretty early this year, and it doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. So, hopefully, you’ve already got yourself a great heater installed in your home. If your existing heater is giving you trouble, though, or if you’re just planning ahead to a replacement come springtime, this may be the post you’ve been waiting for. Don’t rush the decision-making process.

If you’re serious about replacing your heater, or if you’re deciding on a new system for a new home that you’ll be breaking ground on when the ground is breakable once more, a boiler in Bellows Falls may be just what you’re after. Boilers are the very definition of an “oldie but a goody”. Read on to learn more about the many benefits that you’ll enjoy when you choose to heat your home with a boiler—and leave its installation and service to us!

Longevity Goes, Well, a Long Way!

Boilers are not perfect heating systems in general, let alone for every different home! If this were the case, then we wouldn’t have so many different heating options to choose from. That being said, they have a lot to offer, and their longevity is definitely one of the major selling points. If you’re going to be in your home for a long while, why not invest in a heat that will really stand the test of time?

A boiler is typically going to last in the 15 year range, but with diligent maintenance practices they can hang in there substantially longer. Their heat distribution systems, meanwhile, will last even longer. The tubing used in hydronic heating systems, as well as radiators and baseboards, are really built to last and feature very few mechanical components.

Reliability Is Key with Winters Like Ours

A heater of any type is most likely to suffer damages right when you need it most. No heater is ever going to be 100% reliable, but keeping the system simple is definitely going to help keep it dependable. Boilers are complex systems to design and install, but they also feature fewer moving parts than something like a furnace or a heat pump.

As a result, the boiler tends to be quite reliable. Lack of sufficient maintenance will greatly increase the risk of damage to your system, though. Pair your boiler with our maintenance services to ensure that you get the most reliable heating performance possible.

Comfort: the Bottom Line

When you heat the floor with a hydronic heating system, you apply heat directly to a surface in your home. Then, that heat radiates out to people and objects in the house. Water is a much more effective heat transfer fluid than air is, too.

This means that heating your home with a boiler is not only efficient, because there is no risk of heat loss duct leaks, but also results in incredible comfort. Keep the heat down in the living space where it belongs, rather than allowing heated air to get trapped up at the ceiling.

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