Don’t Let Your Pipes Freeze Up This Winter!

Living in the Northeast means a lot of things. The beautiful North Woods. The ocean. The seasons. Winter. Ice. Frozen pipes. Okay, we went on a bit of a decline there at the end, but the fact is that, for all the benefits of living around here, there are some drawbacks. Sure, we can be on the beaches of Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts in a few hours—but we may also run into frozen pipes during our frigid Vermont winters.

Do you know how to mitigate the risk of frozen and burst pipes in your home? If not, you’re about to learn! The plumbers on our team are happy to help in any way we can and, sometimes, that just means sharing valuable information with our clients. So read on, discover some of the ways in which you can avoid frozen pipes, and let us know if you run into any trouble. We are available for any plumbing repairs you need.

Maintain Airflow

We are starting with this one because a) it’s simple and b) it’s very frequently overlooked. You heat your home, right? We’re assuming so, considering how cold it gets around here. That means that you can use the heat you’re already generating in order to keep your pipes warm enough to prevent freezing. It may just take a little doing.

Make sure that any pipes hidden away have adequate airflow around them. You may need to open up cabinet doors and drawers in the kitchen and bathroom in order to do so. Does this look a little strange? Well, sure. Is it a whole lot easier than dealing with the damage caused by burst pipes? You bet!

Insulate Your Pipes

If you need to insulate your home, you need to hire a professional for the job. From rigid insulation boards to spray foam and loose fill insulation, there are a lot of options out there. All require professional installation services. Insulating individual pipes, however, is something you can do for yourself.

Simply go to the hardware store, but the appropriately sized slipcovers, and cut them down to size. Wrap this cheap and effective insulating sleeve around exposed pipes, and there you go! One of the easiest ways in which to protect your pipes!

Yes, the Water Trickle Works

If you think that leaving your water trickling through pipes just to prevent freezing is a waste of water, think again! Sure, you may not be using that water to cook or wash up with, but it is still going to a very important use. It’s an investment in your plumbing system, really.

You don’t need to keep the water on full blast or anything. Just letting a bit of water trickle through your pipes is enough to prevent freezing. When temperatures warm up, you can shut it off. It’s easy—just remember to make sure your drains are clean, or else you could wind up with water damage of your own doing!

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