What Fuel Is Right for Your Home?

All you have to do is look at a newspaper on any given day to see what a hot button issue fuel oil can be. But there are a number of people in our area who heat with oil and as such, need it all winter. One of the challenges of heating with oil is price fluctuation; another is the environmental impact. HB Energy Solutions has been serving the heating oil needs of Southern Vermont customers for over 22 years, so we understand first-hand how important it is to stay on budget during the winter without becoming chilly in the process. We also care a great deal about our naturally beautiful New England environment, so we offer Bio Heat fuel oil to help offset price and environmental impact. What’s the difference between Bio Heat and regular fuel oil? Let’s take a look.

Regular Fuel Oil

Regular fuel oil is made from petroleum, also known as crude oil. Crude oil has to be refined to be used for anything, so once it comes out of the ground, it is sent to any one of a number of refineries around the world. Refineries break down the crude oil, separating out the different fuel types within the crude; these “factions”, as they are known, can be gasoline, kerosene, oil, etc. The fuels are separated out by weight on a scale of 1 to 6, with 1 being the lightest and most expensive, and 6 being the heaviest and least expensive. Home heating oil is always number 2, as that is the type of fuel required to operate a combustion home heating system.

Bio Heat Fuel Oil

Bio Heat fuel oil is the combination of regular fuel oil with biodiesel fuel. Biodiesel is fuel that is made from fatty acids of soybeans, canola, corn oil and other materials. Biodiesel is a renewable resource, and therefore, very environmentally friendly. Anywhere from 2-5% of Bio Heat fuel oil is comprised of biodiesel, and it heats just as or even more effectively than regular oil. This is because the addition of biodiesel to the oil allows Bio Heat to burn more completely. In turn, this more effective burning helps your boiler or furnace operate more efficiently and produce less soot and ash.

If you are interested in possibly using Bio Heat heating oil in your southern Vermont home, call HB Energy Solutions today.

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