Why Consider a Solar Heating System in Bellows Falls?

Increasing energy costs have become a major concern in the past few years. As the price of keeping your home comfortable continues to increase many Bellows Falls, VT homeowners are looking for ways to reduce the amount of energy that they use. One of the most obvious ways to do so is to make sure that you are not wasting energy. Proper insulation, high-efficiency heating systems and sealing up air leaks are among the most common measures taken to reduce the amount of energy wasted in homes. The truth is, though, that most people waste a lot of energy every day. We’re not talking about leaving the windows open while heating your house, either. Each day that you let the sun’s energy go unused in your home you are wasting the potential of this sustainable, environmentally friendly energy source. If you live in a cold climate but your Bellows Falls, VT home gets a lot of sun exposure you may want to consider the installation of a solar heating system by HB Energy Solutions. Consider this information about how these systems work and the benefits they present to your home.

With an active solar heating system a liquid or air is heated by solar energy and is either transferred directly to your living space or to a storage system. If you are planning to use a radiant heating system or a boiler then a liquid system is probably your best option, as they lend themselves better to storage. They store the collected solar heat in tanks of water, and the heat from the working liquid passes through a heat exchanger into the distribution liquid.

There are a few different ways to distribute heat with a solar liquid system. Radiant heating is a popular method, though central forced-air systems may also be used. In a forced air system a heating coil is used. Air coming from your living space is heated, and additional heat may be supplied by your furnace. It is important to have a professional help with the sizing of the system and components to ensure that sufficient heat will be created.

The benefits of solar heating in your home are many. While the collectors and installation certainly make solar heating an investment you can greatly reduce the heating costs in your Bellows Falls, VT home, saving money over time. It is a sustainable energy source and is very environmentally friendly. If you are interested in cutting down on the amount of energy used to heat your home while also reducing your environmental impact, consider the installation of a solar heating system from HB Energy Solutions.

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