Heed These Signs You Have a Plumbing Leak

Perhaps the biggest problem with a plumbing leak is that it tends to be able to hide itself really well. Often happening behind drywall, and sometimes even under the slab, or foundation, of your house, leaks can be relatively undetectable. Some plumbing issues, like a clogged drain or drippy faucet, are pretty apparent, and you wouldn’t necessarily need to know any signs since you can see the problem yourself.

However, for your hidden pipes, an issue can crop up and go largely unnoticed for a long time, and do significant damage in the meantime, if you aren’t attentive to your plumbing system. As we mentioned, plumbing issues can be hard to detect! Read on to learn what the signs are that you may be facing a leak.

Cracks in the Foundation

Do you live in an aging home? If so, it is relatively normal to see a few small cracks or fissures that have formed in the home’s foundation over the years. What isn’t normal, however, is to see an excess number of cracks with no obvious cause.

When water leaks, slab leaks in particular, go unnoticed for too long, it can cause the structural foundation of your home to weaken. This is a plumbing problem that warrants a call to your professional plumber right away.

A Spike in Your Water Bills

Are you aware of what you should expect when it comes to your monthly water bills? If you and your family use a reasonable amount of water each year, and yet you realize that your water bill shave gotten higher and higher recently, you may very well have a leak. The longer this leak goes on, thee higher your water bills will get.

Visible Water Damage

If a leak in your home goes undetected, water can start pooling in unlikely spots. If you notice stains on your floor, ceiling, or walls (especially during a time that rainfall isn’t common), it is probably a sign of water damage. This is also true when it comes to warped walls, doors, bubbling surfaces, or buckling flooring.

Mold and Mildew Growth

If you discover mildew, mold, or even mushrooms growing in unusual spaces in your home, such as between your carpet and baseboards, this is a definite sign that there is moisture present. Water leaks increase the humidity levels in your home and create an environment where fungi and mold can flourish.

The Sound of Running Water

Unless you have a sound machine in your home, if you hear water running, trickling, or dripping, despite there being no plumbing fixture or appliance on at the time, you could very well be listening to a plumbing leak. No matter where you think it’s coming from, there is a possibility you’re facing a leak.

If you notice this symptom or any of the above-mentioned problems, please give our team a call right away. It’s a lot better to call a plumber and not have a leak then the other way around, as this will just allow the leak to grow and cause more damage.

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