My AC Fan is Loud and Warm Air is Coming Out, What’s Wrong?

Your air conditioner is supposed to cool the air, so what gives? Your AC has a lot of working parts in it, and when one of them goes a little haywire, it can cause some pretty big changes in the way your AC works.

You might need AC repair in Acworth if you encounter any of these problems. Let’s go through them one at a time and talk about what could be causing warm air, and why your AC sounds like a jet engine taking off instead of being quiet.

It Could Be the Compressor

Your compressor is a bit loud on a good day. You’ll hear it kick on after your thermostat makes a little clicking sound. When the compressor boots up, it can be heard a little, but it usually settles into a fairly quiet hum.

If you can still hear it after your cooling cycle begins, then there’s definitely a problem. Your compressor puts in a lot of work and it’s not uncommon to need to replace it throughout your AC’s lifespan.

Fan Belt Breakdown

Your fan belt can wear down and result in a really loud noise. When this happens, a critical part of the chain of AC operation breaks, and you stop feeling cool air come out of your vents. Fan belts aren’t the most expensive parts to replace, but if your AC operates without one, it doesn’t take much time to cause damage to other components in the system.

This also isn’t something you just open up your AC and fix, either. You need a technician with experience and the right tools to get in there and fix it up. Fan belts can break down from wear and tear and aren’t necessarily indicative of another component failure, but if you can replace them before they break in the first place (with annual maintenance), that’s the best-case scenario.

Your Fan Motor Died

Imagine that your AC is producing cool air, but it’s not able to get any of it to your vents because the fan motor is gone. The motor operates the fan, so if there’s nothing to blow the cool air through your ductwork and out of your vents, the cool air just sits there. Doing nothing.

Fan motors are fairly big replacements because they’re not supposed to just die out like that. After you replace your fan motor, you need to get an inspection by a certified technician. There could be a problem with the electrical system in your AC, or perhaps you’re in need of a panel upgrade.

Time for Some AC TLC

Your air conditioner needs a bit of care. Let our technicians figure out what’s wrong with your AC, determine a solution, and get you back up in running before you know it.

Nobody should have to compromise on their comfort at any point throughout the year. Before your problem leads to a full-scale breakdown, allow us to fix the problem at its core so you don’t have a stressful AC day on the horizon.

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