How Whole House Generators Reduce Lifetime Stress


Love it or hate it, we’re tied to the power grid. We become so dependent on our electronics for all forms of modern convenience and comfort that we can’t think of life without electricity. It’s great, but it’s also stressful when you think about one big storm wiping that all away for a few days (or weeks).

A whole house generator is the solution. Stable, secured, and able to carry you through the roughest storms with full power to your home, they’re the ultimate addition you should’ve added sooner. Let’s walk you through why they’re incredible, and how they can melt your homeowner stress away.

Your Sump Pump Doesn’t Stop

You know what’s worse than a flooded basement? Not many things. Basement flooding can cause foundational damage and put a serious damper on all the plans you have for your home, but with the electricity on, the pump doesn’t stop.

In the event of a power outage, if you can’t pump your basement, then what can you expect to work? It’s a big problem and you won’t be able to continue your daily life without it. This is how a home generator actually protects your home beyond just maintaining your modern conveniences. It’ll keep your sump pump working if you lose power.

Home Security Stays Online

Your home security system was installed for a reason–it makes you feel safe and secure, and it’s a deterrent to all thieves. The more secure a home looks, the less likely a burglar is to break into it.

But how can they see your security system if your entire home is in a blackout? With a generator, you don’t have to stress about becoming another burglary statistic. Nothing goes down. Your home will be one of the few in the neighborhood with the lights still on.

Minimal Disruption to Your Quality of Life

It’s never fun when the power goes down, and even with a generator, you’ll have a short, noticeable stint of darkness while your generator gets the memo and purrs to life. On average, this is under 60 seconds, but oftentimes will be even shorter.

Keep your power going through storms, dark nights, and don’t stop what you’re doing (for more than a minute) while it rains cats and dogs outside. Sounds like a pretty good way to enjoy your home even in non-ideal conditions, right?

Home Medical Equipment Scares Stop

Do you have home medical equipment that absolutely can’t go down, like an oxygen regulator? You can’t afford for that to go down just because of the weather. Having a whole house generator gives you peace of mind that you haven’t had up until now.

Even if your medical equipment doesn’t rely on the power staying on, it’s not exactly easy to test blood pressure and blood sugar while you balance a flashlight in your other hand.

Storms? Don’t Stress About Them

Being in a storm can be stressful, especially when it cuts into your safety, sense of security, and disrupts your life. Get a backup whole house generator and make sure you never have to endure all those problems again–it’s time to keep your home powered through the worst of it all.

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