Schedule an Energy Assessment Before Winter Arrives

You are probably still enjoying your trips to our many lakes, rivers, and streams just now, but summer is definitely going to be drawing to a close before long. Soon enough we’ll be seeing the leaves turn, and we’ll be revving up our heaters in place of our air conditioners before you know it. If you want to heat your home efficiently this winter, scheduling an energy assessment before turning your heater on is a good idea.

With a professional energy assessment in Bellows Falls, you’ll have the information that you need in order to prepare your home for an efficient heating season. A thorough energy assessment is not something that you can hope to complete on your own, so make sure that it’s our number you dial. We’ll determine what issues are present and we can resolve them for you effectively. 

What We Do

If you are not familiar with the ins and outs of a home energy assessment, you may be wondering what the process entails. There are quite a few steps that we’ll take in order to determine just how efficient your home really is. First of all, we’ll do an R-value survey of your home. In many cases, homeowners struggle with high utility costs simply due to the fact that the R-value of their building materials and insulation was not properly calculated. We’ll go over everything, including the structural layers of your walls, floors, and ceilings, to figure out what if any weak spots are present.

blower door test is probably the single most effective and valuable diagnostic procedure available to homeowners. By sealing up your home and using a carefully calibrated fan to depressurize it, we can determine just how airtight your thermal envelope truly is. Often the answer is: “not very.” If so, we can make the recommendations that you need to fix the problem.

Infrared diagnostics can also be immediately useful. Infrared technology allows us to actually see the air leaks in your home. This is particularly helpful in those areas that are hard to access or carefully evaluate.

Call HB Energy Solutions for all your energy needs. HB Energy Solutions delivers peace of mind.


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