Don’t Ignore These Signs of Plumbing Leaks

burst-copper-pipePlumbing leaks are a major drag. There is no getting around that. There is also no getting around the fact that plumbing leaks can and do happen. You’re going to deal with them eventually. If you haven’t had to deal with any in your home yet, then you should consider yourself lucky. And with another Vermont winter coming in soon, additional problems like frozen pipes and rapid snowmelt flooding basements should be on everyone’s mind, too.

We’re not going to be all doom and gloom about these issues, though. Why? Because there is plenty that can alert you to the need for professional plumbing services in Ludlow, VT.  By the time you can actually see many plumbing leaks, you’ve probably missed out on some early warning signs that could have alerted you to the problem earlier on. Those warning signs are what we’re going to be focusing on in today’s post. Because of the amount of damage that water leaks can do, we strongly recommend that you schedule service at the first sign of trouble.

Why Would My Pipes Spring a Leak?

Oh boy. There are so many different reasons. In fact, there are so many that it’s kind of surprising that more people don’t experience leaks more often. Of course, the best chance that you have of minimizing the risk of leaks is routine plumbing maintenance. You pipes may leak due to:

  • Poor connections
  • Damage during renovations
  • Freezing in the winter
  • Outdated materials in place
  • Corrosion
  • Excessive water pressure

There is no way to completely eliminate the risk of plumbing leaks. So look out for these signs that you may have a leak somewhere in your home or on your property.

  • Squishy wet spots in the yard. This could indicate a water main leak.
  • Excessive water bills/meter running when water is shut off. You still pay for wasted water!
  • Mold growth. This can definitely be a health issue.
  • Stains on walls/ceilings/floors. Don’t ignore them!
  • The sound of running water when none is in use. Unless you’ve got a brook nearby, contact us.
  • Low water pressure. It’s not just annoying, it could signal a leak.

You Need Professionals to Solve the Problem

Even if you can see where a leak is coming from, we really have to caution you against trying to repair your leak on your own. It is a job that is not as simple as your online tutorials will make it seem. By reaching out and scheduling service right away, you ensure that trained professionals are on the job.

Working with a licensed, insured plumber doesn’t just protect your system, either. It protects you from a lot of liability! With our fully stocked trucks and fine plumbers on staff, we can fix any leak that you may experience. Not only that, but we can also accurately locate even the sneakiest of leaks in your home.

Contact HB Energy Solutions for all your energy needs. HB Energy Solutions delivers peace of mind. No leak is to tough for our plumbers!

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