Don’t Let Your Pipes Freeze This Winter

insulating-pipesLiving in as cold a winter climate as ours means facing some unique challenges that you don’t really have to think about in, say, Florida or Southern California. One of these problems is frozen pipes. If you are serious about preventing frozen pipes in your home—and you very much should be—then you are going to have to take some added precautions. Be sure to keep the following tips in mind, and contact us with any questions.

If and when you do need any repairs for your plumbing in Londonderry, VT, you need to be sure that you are working with skilled, experienced professionals. Our team fits the bill entirely. You can count on us to respond quickly to any issue you may encounter. But, as is typically the case, prevention is your best option! And preventing frozen pipes is not really as difficult as you might think—even with our winters.

Keep Air Flowing!

You heat your home in the winter, right? So you don’t have to worry about pipes in the house bursting, at least.


It is definitely possible for pipes near walls and in closed off spaces to freeze and burst. If you have pipes running under sinks, behind cabinetry, etc., one of the simplest ways of protecting them is simply to open up those cabinet doors and allow some air to flow around them. The heated air from your home should be enough to protect them. Will it look a little strange to have those doors open? Well, maybe. It’ll look a lot more strange when your house resembles a swimming pool, though!

Protect Outdoor Connections

Hose bibs and outdoor spigots are seriously at risk for freezing problems during our winter season. It is very important that any and all hoses are disconnected. If your outdoor connections do have a shut-off valve on the line, be sure to take advantage of that. Bleed any water in the pipes out, too. That’s a great start to protecting these pipes from the elements.

There is also the option of insulating these connections. There are various bags, caps, etc. on the market for doing so. Spending a little money on these products can really pay back in dividends when you avoid the headaches, cost, and hassle of dealing with burst pipes.

Insulate Interior Pipes, Too

Insulation works both ways. It keeps heat out, and it keeps heat in. When you insulate pipes in your home, you can prevent the heat from being drawn out into the very cold air surrounding pipes in, say, an unheated basement.

This is not a big undertaking, either. Pipe sleeves are very cheap, and they can easily be cut down to size, too. Will all of this absolutely guarantee that you’re never going to run into issues with pipes freezing? No, maybe not. However, the chances are extremely reduced when you take these steps, and you can enjoy a great deal of added peace of mind.

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