How Professional Plumbers Detect Leaks

Leaks, along with clogs, are one of the main problems that can afflict your home’s plumbing. But where clogs are obvious from the moment they start, leaks can be trickier to detect. Most leaking occurs in places where the pipes are hidden from sight, and a small leak between piping joints, or “pinhole leaks” that occur along patches of corrosion, will not have immediate effects that you will be able to see. It’s often not until the leaking begins to cause more extensive damage that they become obvious—and even then, you probably won’t see all the leaking that is occurring throughout the plumbing.

This is the reason it’s important to have professional plumbers do leak detection when you suspect trouble with your plumbing. Leaking spreads rapidly if left without repairs; trust to plumbers and their leak detection services to find all the spots where leaks have started and find how to stop them.

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Professional Leak Detection

When you notice damp spots or discoloration on your walls, warping floorboards, or an unexpected water bill increase, you should call a plumber for leak detection.

When the plumber comes to your home, he or she will use advanced technology to locate the leak without needing to rip through wood, plaster, or stone to reach the pipes. One of the main tools that plumbers use to do this is video pipe inspection equipment. These devices have miniature cameras and lights set at the end of a long flexible cable. The cable snakes down through drains and deep into the pipes to locate where damage is occurring and allowing leaks to happen. This lets the plumber pinpoint where repairs are needed.

Another important part of the leak detection toolkit is listening devices. Listening discs work in a manner similar to a doctor’s stethoscope, except they specialize in hearing through surfaces such as drywall and wood. A deck plate can be used to listen through concrete and bricks.

For pipes that lay beneath your lawn or garden, a plumber can use soil listening devices, or place a dye into your water system that will make a much more visible mark where the leaking is occurring.

Leak detection combines these advanced tools with the skill and experience of a trained plumber to use them and properly interpret their information. Don’t trust leak detection to amateurs; it’s important that you locate all the leaks in your plumbing so you’ll prevent the problem from growing and eventually threatening to damage your house.

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