Minimize the Need for Plumbing Repair in New Hampshire

When something goes awry with our home plumbing systems, the results can often be extremely problematic. While plumbing repair may often be an inevitable part of home maintenance, there are some things you can do to minimize the need for plumbing repair in New Hampshire. Routine maintenance is a great way to ensure that your supply and wastewater systems are in good working order. For more information, call HB Energy Solutions today!

Let’s take a look at few actions every homeowners should take in order to reduce the risk of plumbing repairs:

  • Septic tank maintenanceMaintaining your septic tank is incredibly important. As your personal sewage treatment system, the septic tank relies on a cooperation of three layers of waste: the scum at the top, the semi-clear water in the middle, and the sludge at the bottom. At the top, bacteria convert the scum into liquid, as the solid matter falls to the bottom. The water is drained into your soil absorption area. Your septic tank requires regular pumping and maintenance of bacteria levels in order to operate properly.
  • Drain cleaning: Don’t wait until you have a serious drain clog. Schedule a drain cleaning today if you think your drains are slow, or you have never had them cleaned. We may also utilize a video camera inspection of your drainpipes in order to target any particularly blocked areas.  When drains become dirty or clogged, it can lead to major and costly repairs.
  • Take care of your plumbing: Avoid flushing anything other than organic waste and toilet paper down the toilet. Also, make sure to avoid putting fats, grease, and oils down your drain system. While they may be in liquid form while hot, when they cool and turn to a gel-like consistency, they can quickly clog up your home plumbing.

For more information about ways you can minimize the need for plumbing in New Hampshire, call the experts at HB Energy Solutions today!



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