Southern Vermont Plumbing Installation Guide: What to Consider Before Installing New Fixtures

Whether you’re having a new bathroom or kitchen installed, comprehensive repiping, or a new sewer line, there are some things to consider prior to your plumbing installation. At this stage, you may or may not have met with a plumber, but perhaps you’ve seen some brochures or designs that you really love and want to implement in your own home. Perhaps you desperately need a new water heater, sump pump, or extensive repiping. The first step is hiring a professional whose expert knowledge will lead you through the process every step of the way. Ask questions and know what your budget is and what options are available in your home living space. For more information, call HB Energy Solutions today!

  • Low-flow fixtures. If you’re looking for high quality design as well as energy efficiency, then you should consider installing low-flow fixtures in your home. New bathroom plumbing installation is a great opportunity to complement your new living space with money-saving low-flow faucets and showerheads. They can produce savings of up to 60%, depending on your existing plumbing setup. Low-flush toilets are also available.
  • Space considerations. The perennial question of major plumbing installation is determining where you want your new plumbed appliance or fixture to go. When incorporating new plumbing into your existing home, consider whether you’d like to move anything around. Perhaps you’ve always wanted that shower to be where the vanity sink is, or your new kitchen sink to be where the dishwasher used to be.
  • Tank or tankless? If you’re considering a new water heater, then you may want to consider whether you should use a conventional tank storage system, or opt for the latest innovations in tankless technology. Tankless offers a virtually endless stream of hot water without standby heat loss. They are highly efficient, compact, and versatile—you can install one or multiple units throughout your home. Speak to a plumber about which one options might be right for your home.

Your plumbing equipment is only as good as its installation. Make sure you hire a reputable plumber. For more information about our Southern Vermont plumbing installation services, call HB Energy Solutions today! 

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