Now Is a Good Time to Replace That Sump Pump

With winter rapidly approaching and the first few snowfalls already behind us, many homeowners are thinking more and more about their heating systems. We are happy to handle all of your heating services for you, of course, but there are other systems in your home that you cannot afford to ignore. Your plumbing system, for one.

We’re expecting a good amount of snowfall this year, and the dreary weather leading into winter has brought some rainfall with it. That is why you should give your sump pump in Bellows Falls, VT some serious consideration. When the snow melts and Spring rain come, will your sump pump be ready?

Some Common Sump Pump Problems

The sump pump is not the most complicated piece of equipment in every home. That doesn’t mean that there is not the opportunity for failure, though. There are some fairly common problems that sump pumps may encounter that you should be aware of.

  • No backup power. When the power goes out during heavy snows or rainfall, you had better have a backup power source to keep the sump pump running just in case. Many homeowners in our area have generators. If you don’t, though, you should at least have a battery backup for your sump pump.
  • Improper sizing. When you have a sump pump installed, you need to schedule a professional installation. If your sump pump is not powerful enough to handle the maximum amount of demand it will face, you’re in trouble. However, an oversized sump pump is just as bad, and will face issues that will shorten the system lifespan.
  • Switch issues. More often than not, the mechanical problem that sump pumps face has to do with the switch. If the float switch isn’t working properly or if the pump has shifted, it won’t start up and shut down when it should.

Schedule your sump pump services with us to get the best performance possible from your pump. Call HB Energy Solutions for all your energy needs. HB Energy Solutions delivers peace of mind.


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