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Now Is a Good Time to Replace That Sump Pump

Monday, December 5th, 2016

With winter rapidly approaching and the first few snowfalls already behind us, many homeowners are thinking more and more about their heating systems. We are happy to handle all of your heating services for you, of course, but there are other systems in your home that you cannot afford to ignore. Your plumbing system, for one. (more…)

Should I Have a Sump Pump Installed in My Home?

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

When you hear about a home flooding, you may think of heavy rainfall in the hurricane season that devastates certain parts of the country. The fact of the matter is, though, that many basements in our area take in water, and a hurricane is not necessary for serious water damage to occur. We get more than enough rain during the spring and summer seasons to lead to considerable water in leaky basements, and snowmelt is another fact that we must keep in mind. All things considered, any home that tends to take in any amount of water in its lowest level can benefit from the installation of a sump pump. (more…)

The 2 Types of Sump Pumps

Friday, March 28th, 2014

A sump pump is often a necessary tool for homes that suffer from moisture entering the basement due to a high water table. They are also invaluable during heavy rains when additional water can flood into the lower parts of a home. An effective sump pump will protect your basement from the growth of mold, mildew, wood rot, and prevent other kinds of damage that water and humidity can cause to building material.

A sump pump must have professional installation to make sure that it works correctly, has an adequate sump (water collection pit) excavated, and connects to a waste line for water removal. You also need to have professionals help you decide on the type and size of sump pump you need. There are two basic sump pump types: the pedestal sump pump and the submersible sump pump. They both have advantages and disadvantages, so you will need the assistance of a plumbing professional to help you choose the right one for your home.

For sump pump installation, repairs, and maintenance, call on the company with 21 years of experience working on plumbing in New Hampshire, HB Energy Solutions.

Pedestal sump pumps

The first type of sump pump sits above the sump on a specially-constructed pedestal. A hose from the pump runs down into the sump, and an impeller motor in the pump draws the water up and removes it. These kinds of sump pumps are easier to repair because they’re exposed, and they also cost less than submersible pumps and endure longer. However, pedestal pumps need to work harder to overcome gravity when drawing water, and they are less effective at dealing with the large amounts of water that can come from rain flooding.

Submersible sump pumps

As the name implies, submersible sump pumps sit down inside the sump itself beneath the surface of the water. They draw water directly into intake valves. To prevent water damage, the motor is sealed inside a water-proof container. Submersible pumps are less obtrusive and take up less space in your basement, and they operate more quietly because they are submerged underwater. They pump faster than pedestal pumps and will do a better job for basements that encounter more serious flooding. However, they cost more than pedestal pumps and will require more repair work because of their exposure to water.

You will not only need professionals to help you choose and install the proper sump pump for your basement, you will also need them to regularly maintain the pump (especially a submersible pump). Call HB Energy Solutions for the skilled plumbing service in New Hampshire that will keep your basement dry with the right sump pump.