Why Pinhole Leaks Are Such a Serious Problem

The term “pinhole leaks” is a bit misleading. Although it does accurately describe the size of these leaks that can appear in your pipes, it tends to minimize them so they sound like minor problems. But nothing could be further from the truth: pinhole leaks are one of the most problematic repair needs that can crop up in plumbing. The U.S. EPA has identified pinhole leaks as a significant danger not only to plumbing systems, but also to homes in general.

Fortunately, pinhole leaks are not a difficult problem for professional plumbers to fix once they know of their existence. If you have leaks of any kind—or suspect that you do—call for assistance from experts in plumbing in Southern Vermont. HB Energy Solutions is ready around the clock and the calendar to help you!

What exactly are pinhole leaks?

Pinhole leaks are tiny holes along pipes. They usually appear close together across a single patch of pipe, and they can occur to modern copper piping. The EPA has studied the causes of pinhole leaks and determined that they are likely the result of a “localized copper corrosion called pitting corrosion.” The EPA isn’t certain, however, what causes pitting corrosion, since copper pipes are highly corrosion-resistant and have become popular as a replacement for galvanized steel pipes.

Why are pinhole leaks something to worry about?

Pinhole leaks only allow a small amount of water to drip out, but because they are tiny enough to at first escape detection, their leaks will soon build up to the point where they will cause damage to building material and promote mold and mildew growth. Water will destroy drywall and warp wood floors, and mold will increase the speed of destruction.

How can I detect pinhole leaks?

This is big obstacle with pinhole leaks: they are difficult for homeowners to detect until they start to cause extensive damage. The best way to find them is to have regular inspections done on your plumbing from a professional. Schedule an inspection once a year; your plumber will use leak detection equipment to locate problems. Keep watch for smaller indications of leaking: a drop in water pressure, an unexplained increased in water bills, or discoloration appearing on the wallpaper.

Call for repairs as soon as you can

Protect your valuable home plumbing in Southern Vermont: turn to expert plumbers for fast repairs the moment you sense anything is wrong. HB Energy Solutions can handle all your plumbing needs, and we have excellent leak detection services to find those troublesome pinhole leaks.

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