Weston VT Plumber’s Guide: Locate Your Septic Tank Electronically

If a problem develops with your Weston, VT home’s septic tank, you want to be able to find it as quickly as possible to check and/or repair the problem. However, it’s not always easy to know where the septic tank is. Unless it is clearly marked, and only if you have seen where it was located before and didn’t just move in recently, a septic tank can be hard to find, especially if service hasn’t been performed on it in some time. Thankfully, if this is the case, there are tools that allow you to find your tank electronically.

First, know that your septic tank is usually about 4.5 feet by 8 feet in the ground and can be buried anywhere between four inches and four feet deep. You can also call your local utilities markers to get a map of where your gas lines and electrical cables are located – something that can be done for free by dialing 811.

Now, there are quite a few tools that work well to find your septic tank without electronics, but if you want to get it done much faster and ensure you are accurate, you hire a plumber who can use a locator and a remote flushable transmitter. The idea is very simple: Drop the transmitter down the toilet, flush it and wait a few minutes for it to appear in the septic tank and then flip on your locator and track it. This is a very accurate method and the transmitter will remain in your septic tank for quite a long time, meaning you can find it whenever necessary until the problem you are having is solved.

If you need someone to handle a repair issue with your septic tank, you should call HB Energy Solutions. We can find your septic tank and perform any necessary repairs very quickly.

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