Springfield VT Solar Guide: How Solar Power Works

A solar power system offers the cleanest form of energy for your Springfield VT home. Solar energy is completely renewable, and you can always rely on the sun as a consistent power source. Before deciding to install a solar power system in your home, however, it is a good idea to learn how solar power works.

Solar Cell

A solar cell is the main component of a solar power system. It takes the energy of sunlight and converts it into electricity. Solar cells are made of special materials known as semiconductors. Silicon is the most commonly used material for making these semiconductors.

When light hits the cell, some part of it is absorbed within its semiconductor material. Silicon has some special chemical properties. There are 14 electrons in an atom of silicon, which are arranged in three different shells. The silicon atom always looks for ways to fill up its last shell, so it shares electrons with four nearby atoms. This structure of silicon makes it ideal for making solar cells.

When sunlight gets absorbed, one of the electrons in the bonds between silicon atoms increases its energy level and moves around more freely. That electron moves around the crystal, generating current. The current can be drawn out for external use by introducing metal links on the top and bottom of the cell. The solar cell generates only a small amount of energy. In order to get more energy, many solar cells should be interconnected to make a panel.

Thin Film Solar Panels

Traditional crystalline silicon systems are bulky and installing them requires a lot of work. Thin film crystalline silicon is the latest in solar technology. In this system, a solar cell is made by placing several thin photovoltaic films on a substrate. It has a lower photovoltaic efficiency than traditional system. However, it is expected that its efficiency will be increased in the near future. Thin film solar power system works in a way similar to that of traditional crystalline silicon modules.

Solar power system can be installed in any Springfield VT home, no matter whether it is small or big to meet any electrical requirement. Though the initial cost of installation is high, the solar power system offers better returns. It helps you enjoy long term savings by reducing or cutting the need to pay utility bills. For more information, contact HB Energy today!

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