Discover the Power of Solar Energy Systems


When you talk to our team about solar energy and whether the investment is worth it, you’re going to hear us boast about the benefits. But we do more than just boast—we provide you with truly exceptional home services, and we can’t say enough good things about going solar.

Homeowners often find that they qualify for many incentives by choosing to harness solar energy, and there are other cost-saving benefits, too.

If you’ve ever thought about getting solar panels installed by our professionals so you can save money on your energy needs, there’s no time like the present to do so. Keep reading as we uncover the benefits and power of going solar.

Solar Energy Is Clean Energy!

The energy consumed by the sun is infinitely renewable. This means we never run out of it. So unlike a fuel like gasoline in a vehicle, it’s energy that can never be depleted. In addition, once the solar panels are installed, there are no moving parts and no energy input to be concerned about.

That said, we do encourage you to stay on top of your professional maintenance appointments, and repairs as needed. Weather-related events can cause damage to solar panels. These are rare occurrences, but it’s vital that you have a trained and experienced team for cases such as this.

Unlike other home comfort systems installed in your home, there are not any real heavy annual maintenance needs, and no fuel you have to restock on. This means that you get to save money and reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Solar Power Is a Safe Investment

Goodness knows that people make shady investments every day. Getting solar panels installed, however, is not one of them. Solar panels themselves can be pricey to install, and this is absolutely a factor you want to consider. But in exchange for this convenient investment, you’ll see significant savings on your electrical utility bills every month.

Throughout the years, the use of your solar panels will help you save hundreds of dollars. Additionally, since solar panels can function for decades, you’ll probably be able to enjoy these savings throughout your entire time in your home, without worrying about the cost of replacing panels.

That said, even if you plan to sell your home, solar energy is a safe bet. You can actually increase the value and curb appeal of your home with this type of installation.

Government and Local Incentives

There are a number of local incentives available to homeowners who invest in and use solar energy. These incentives are available through the federal income tax credit, the Vermont State Net Metering Bonus, and more.

This is not including the significant amount of money you’ll save from month to month on your electrical energy bills.

We understand there’s a lot of information out there about solar, and it can be overwhelming to take it all in. If you have any questions at all or wonder what your options are, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!

To learn more about solar power in Southern Vermont, reach out to HB Energy Solutions today!

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