Is a Standard Storage Tank Water Heater Sometimes a Better Choice?

If you know about tankless water heaters, then you’ve probably learned about their numerous virtues and why many so many homeowners prefer them. Tankless water heaters never run out of hot water, take up less space in a home, and run much more energy-efficiently than standard storage water heaters because they lose less heat and do not require steady energy to keep water in a tank warm.

However, not everyone has called up their local plumbing company to install a tankless heater. Traditional storage tanks still sit in many homes, and new ones are installed every day. The reason for this is that some homes won’t receive the full benefits of a tankless water heater, and a storage water heater makes better economic sense for them.

Whether a traditional or tankless system will work for your house is something that requires a Southern Vermont plumbing professional to help answer. HB Energy Solutions has kept homeowners in Vermont warm and comfortable for more than 20 years; you can place your trust in us to guide you to your home’s best option for hot water.

Why a storage water heater is sometimes better

Tankless water heaters are more expensive systems to install: anyone considering one for a home needs to balance the upfront costs with the long-term savings. Sometimes, a storage water heater will save more money than a tankless one.

Here’s something to consider: tankless system do not tend to endure as long as storage systems. This means that the amount of money you’ll save from a tankless system depends more on how much hot water your household uses on average rather than how long the system stays around. If you do not use a large amount of hot water, you may not receive significant savings from a tankless system before it needs replacement. Consult with an installer, who can check on your household hot water use to see if a storage water heater may be a superior choice.

Another factor to consider: although tankless water heaters don’t “run out” of hot water, they have trouble keeping up with high volume hot water demands. Proper sizing can help minimize this problem, but larger households might be better served by a high capacity tank water heater.

Professional installation

When factoring the pros and cons of the two systems, they come up about equal: tankless water heaters have high efficiency and unlimited hot water; storage water heaters have convenience and lower installation costs. Your own water use and your budget plans will be the deciding factors, but professional installers will help you feel certain of your choice. And, of course, they’ll install it as well.

Call HB Energy Solutions, your Southern Vermont plumbing experts, to talk about water heater installation today.

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