How Often Should I Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance?

In the entry for maintenance found in the 2014 Random House Dictionary, this sentence appears as an example of correct usage: With proper maintenance the car will last for many years. That succinctly sums up why appliances require maintenance: longevity. It applies as much to an air conditioner as to a car. Regular maintenance catches troubles early, helps prevent repairs, and eases stress that can occur from poor operation. Although each of these is a good end in itself, they all contribute to the goal of increasing the service life of the system.

But how often should you schedule air conditioning maintenance in Southern Vermont? Twice a year? Every three years? We’ll take a closer look at scheduling AC maintenance to help you make certain the air conditioner in your home receives the best care.

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Maintenance frequency

Almost all experienced HVAC technician agree on this point: air conditioners need maintenance service annually, even if nothing seems wrong with them. A year is enough time for an AC to gather dust and dirt and show significant wear on its components. Studies have shown that an air conditioning system that goes for a year without maintenance will work 20% less efficiently, and lose an additional 5% each year thereafter. The system is also at greater risk of repair needs or even suffering a breakdown.

The best time to schedule maintenance service is during spring, a less busy time for HVAC contractors and also right in time for the summer weather. Most maintenance plans and programs arrange for the session in spring (with an additional session for the heating system in fall).

Maintenance is not an expensive task, and most services that offer programs will provide you with a discount for signing up for a yearly maintenance plan. At each maintenance visit, the technician will provide thorough inspections, adjustments, and cleaning to keep the system operating at high efficiency. This increase in efficiency will more than pay for the small cost of maintenance. The best way that maintenance pays back its cost: preventing you from needing an expensive new installation because your air conditioner broke down years before it should.

Sign up for maintenance today

You can contact HB Energy Solutions or download our maintenance plan to see how you can protect your Southern Vermont air conditioner with maintenance. Get started before spring ends and the summer heat arrives.

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