Southern Vermont Solar Question: Do Solar Water Heaters Work Effectively in the Winter?

Most people associate solar energy systems with the clean, sustainable production of electricity or heat for your Southern Vermont home. It is also possible, though, to use this exceptionally environmentally friendly energy source to heat water for use in your home efficiently and dependably. As is the case with any energy source or water heater, though, a number of factors can influence the success with which a solar water heater operates in your home and on your property. It is important to discuss all of your options and considerations with a qualified solar energy technician. Call HB Energy Solutions today to get all the information you need about heating water with solar energy.

Many homeowners are concerned about the operation of solar energy systems during the winter months. It is important to remember that heat is not what powers your solar energy system but the energy of the sun that is directed at the solar panels. While the days are certainly shorter in the winter time and sunlight is not as continuous as in the summer, your solar panels will still absorb the sunlight available to them.

The success of your solar water heater in the winter time really depends upon such factors as the number of panels you are using as well as the size of your system, the orientation of your property in relation to the sun, and other design points of the system as a whole. If you do not currently have a water heater integrated into your solar heating system, contact a member of our team today to have your system assessed.

Remember too that a backup energy system is often advisable when using solar power for those times when the sun just doesn’t seem to want to shine. Incorporating another fuel source into your solar energy system to supplement your solar energy will help to eliminate these worries. For more information about using a solar water heater in your Southern Vermont  home, contact HB Energy Solutions today.

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