Protect Your Home and Your Family with a Generator

generatorIt’s just barely October, and not all of you are going to want to hear this, but—winter is on its way. Winters in Vermont can be beautiful, but they are also a lot of hard work and they can be quite stressful at times. If you ask us, it pays to take any measures possible to reduce that stress in any way possible. One recommendation that we cannot make strongly enough is that you take advantage of a whole-house generator.

A whole-house generator works much the same as a portable generator in principle, but on a much larger scale. While portable generators are great for power radios and other equipment for camping trips or tailgating events, they are not going to power your entire home when the power goes out due to winter storms. A whole-house generator can do just that, though. Or, at least, it can when it is properly installed and serviced. To ensure that this is the case, schedule your whole-house generator services with our electricians in Ludlow, VT.

How It Works

A generator does just what the name implies—it generates! That is, it generates electricity for use throughout your home. Unlike a small portable generator that may run off of gasoline or a propane cylinder, though, a whole-house generator will typically run off of diesel or propane stored in a much larger, permanently installed tank on the property. That’s because these generators are not intended to just keep you powered up for a few hours or to run just a few devices. They are sized to your home and your needs to keep your entire home running when the power goes out.

Outfitting your generator with an automatic standby switch (some have automatic standby capabilities built-in) is definitely the way to go when it comes to a whole-house generator. That way, the generator will start up automatically when it detects that the power on your property has gone out. This means that you don’t even have to be at home for the generator to switch over power to your house, which can help prevent serious issues caused by the loss of power.

Only Professionals Can Install and Service Whole-House Generators

A whole-house generator must be wired directly into the electrical system that it will service, which is precisely why only trained professionals can be trusted with installing or servicing these systems. Make no mistake—shoddy electrical work can bring you a whole lot of problems. It can leave your electrical system failing to meet local codes and regulations in the best cases. In the worst, it can result in unsafe operating conditions.

Working with our electricians means that your whole-house generator will be able to meet your needs, that it will function safely and reliably, and that it will last for plenty of seasons to come. We can handle any whole-house generator repairs that you may need, as well as your initial installation, and we’ll help you to choose the right system for your home.

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