Keep Your Heating Costs in Check This Winter

don't-forgetWhen you live in the Southern Vermont or New Hampshire areas, you know what’s ahead of you when winter starts to settle in. You’re going to be up early shoveling out the cars. You’re going to be driving home in the dark after work, as days get increasingly shorter. And you’re going to be running your heater a whole lot. It’s that last point that we want to talk about today.

We’re not going to offer to chauffeur you around or shovel out your vehicles, but we can help to keep your heating costs manageable. There are a few things that we can do, and a few tips that we can share to help you maximize savings. And no, don’t worry. We’re not going to suggest that you reign things in at the thermostat and trade off your comfort for energy savings. Keep this information in mind, and reach out to our heating professionals with any questions that you may have.

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

If there is one single step that you can take that is most going to benefit you in terms of heating your home successfully and affordably, it is to change your air filter regularly. What does regularly mean? Well, that depends. A number of factors in your home may inform how frequently changing your filter is needed.  Typically, however, every 1-3 months is the general range.

With how long our heating season lasts, it’s obvious you’ll need at least one change throughout the season. The more dust and dirt that builds up in this filter, the harder your system is going to have to work in order to heat your home. That will drive up your heating costs, and will result in much greater expense than investing in a few spare filters will.

Use Your Ceiling Fans in the Winter

We understand why homeowners typically associate their ceiling fans with the heat of summer. However, it’s really quite important to remember that your fans should be running in the winter as you heat your home, too. They ought to be running in the opposite direction of their summer setting, though. This helps to force heated air that has risen to the ceiling back down into the living space.

You want the blades rotating clockwise in the winter, at a low setting. It will circulate air more effectively, helping you to feel more comfortable without driving up costs as you crank up temperatures. All that you need to do to reverse the direction of the fan’s rotation is to flip a little switch typically found right on the side of the fixture.

Schedule Routine Heating  Maintenance

There is no way in which we can overstate how beneficial routine heating maintenance in Bellows Falls truly is. When you schedule annual heating tune-ups, your heater gets the attention that it needs to excel in all facets of its performance.

We’ll make sure that your heater is operating as effectively, safely, and yes, efficiently, as possible. Let our heating technicians optimize your system each and every year.

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