3 Common Furnace Misconceptions in Acworth

While we’ve been gearing everyone up to get ready for another cold winter here in Acworth, we also want to take a break to talk about some best practices for your furnace. Furnaces aren’t meant to be run into the ground, neglected, and treated poorly, but sometimes homeowners operate like that without even knowing it. So many misconceptions about heating, efficiency, and these systems circulate through our community that it can be hard to keep track.

Don’t jeopardize your heating in Acworth, NH just because you read something that sounded convincing online. While you could say the same thing about us, our team is a part of this community and we have experience dealing with heater repairs for years. It’s time to take the facts coming from us over the lies that you might be noticing around the web.

Misconception #1: Maintenance Is Optional

Oh boy, this is a big one. Heating maintenance services are becoming more and more popular, and homeowners are starting to think it’s all because of some scheme or marketing plan. While HVAC contractors are definitely getting better at selling maintenance services, the truth is that heating technology is getting more complex and energy-efficient as time goes on. Maintenance is becoming less of an optional service, and more of a necessity to ensure you get the maximum amount of comfort from your system.

Maintenance services are about as “optional” as paying your taxes or changing the oil in your car. Sure, you could miss doing one of those things, but you’ll absolutely end up paying for it down the line in more ways than one. Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid problems and save money.

Misconception #2: Your Furnace Can Last Forever

This is a sad reality for homeowners that unfortunately goes overlooked. Too many HVAC contractors will lie to you and tell you that your furnace can keep operating effectively after it’s passed the 20th year in operation. This is just not true and it’s a misconception that permeates our industry. While heaters are built to last, they’re not built to last forever. The longer your heater operates past its lifespan maximum (10-15 years for most furnace models), the more dangerous it can become, the less efficiently it operates, and the colder your home is going to be. Sure, you can keep getting it maintained and keep calling us for repairs, but they’ll only get more expensive as time goes on since parts become harder to find and the more important components need replacement.

Misconception #3: For Warmer Temperatures, Cover Vents to Certain Rooms

This is a terrible idea. Here’s why—your heater is built to provide comfortable heating to the entirety of your house. It’s just not meant to only heat certain rooms, unless you’ve got a ductless mini split that’s designed to heat a certain section of your home. A central heating system, like a gas furnace, is only going to struggle if you block off certain vents. No, your rooms won’t get warmer, and your thermostat will start having problems as well. Basically, if your home isn’t warm enough, don’t block off heaters. Call us for repairs.

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