Don’t Forget About Your Heater’s Filter!

filterWhen you live in Vermont, you have to deal with the winter season.  It’s coming around each and every year,  and when it comes around, it can really stick around. But you don’t need us to tell you that our winters can be pretty intense. What you might need reminding of, though, is one of the most effective ways in which you can set your forced air heater up for success. That is by changing the air filter as needed. What does “as needed” mean in this case?

Well, typically, it means every 1-3 months.  That’s not a hard and fast rule, as some homes will require changes more frequently. However, no home should really push it beyond that 3 month mark. Why is changing the filter so important? That’s the focus of today’s post, so just keep reading to learn more. Suffice to say, it has major implications for your heater in Ludlow. Don’t put this critical system at risk.

Changing the Filter Protects Your Heater

When you change the air filter in your furnace or heat pump, you are helping your heater in its operation by cutting down on the resistance that it faces. Specifically, we’re talking about airflow resistance. Remember, your filter is there to trap pollutants before they can wind up in your HVAC system itself.  That means that it will get clogged up over time.

As the filter clogs up, it becomes harder and harder for the HVAC system to actually force conditioned air throughout the house. The harder that the system has to work in order to force air throughout the house, the more strain it will face. And the more strain that your system faces, the more likely it is to encounter operational problems and repair needs. These filters are a heck of a lot more affordable than service calls and repairs typically are.

You  Also Protect Efficiency

Reduced repair needs are not the only way in which changing your filter regularly will keep your money in your wallet, though. It also just helps to protect energy efficiency in general.  And that’s a goal that any homeowner should be able to get behind.

The harder that your system works to heat your home, the more energy it will use to do so. You shouldn’t have to choose between a comfortable living space and affordable heating costs, but that’s just the type of decision you’ll find yourself making if you don’t keep a fresh air filter in your heater.

This Is Just the Tip of the Maintenance Iceberg

Changing your air filter as needed is definitely an important step to take, but it’s just the start. If you really want to protect your heater,  its efficiency, and your comfort, then you need to schedule routine heating maintenance. And we’re just the pros to schedule that service with. When we tune up your system, we’ll optimize it for peak performance levels in every regard, so that you can live in the comfort that we know you deserve.

Contact HB Energy Solutions for all your energy needs. HB Energy Solutions delivers peace of mind. 

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