How Ductless Heating Benefits Homeowners

ductless-technicianIf you are considering the installation or replacement of a heater in Bellows Falls, VT, then you should definitely give a ductless mini split some thought. Sure, lots of homes in our area stand by their furnaces, boilers, and even wood or pellet stoves, but who’s to say that something a bit newer in design isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. After all, you’ll simply never know what it is that you’re missing out on if you fail to explore your options!

In today’s post, we’ll be digging a bit further into how ductless heating actually works, and how its design and operation can benefit homeowners. Is this the right heating system for every home?  No—but then, there is no single heater that can claim to be! After all, if there were any singular heater that best suited every home, you wouldn’t have so many different options demanding your attention! Be sure to contact us when you need heating services of any kind.

“Ductless” Is the Key to a Few of the Benefits

There a few different heating systems that don’t use air ducts and could thus be called “ductless,” in a sense. Space heaters, boiler systems, and wood stoves, for instance. However, keep in mind that a ductless mini split does share a lot in common with ducted systems like furnaces. Air is heated directly, and is blown back into the living space, after all. It’s just that no ductwork is used in the heat distribution process.

Rather than use a central heating unit to warm air, and then force that heated air throughout the house via air ducts, ductless mini split systems instead use individual, wall-mounted blower units to heat the air. Each transfers heat to the air directly, and blows that heated air into the room in which the blower is installed. These units are all connected to a single outdoor unit. Because they can be controlled independently of one another, the blowers make zone controlled heating very easy. You also boost efficiency because there is no risk of energy loss via duct leaks.

Heat Pump Technology Is the Key to a Few More!

Other major benefits of ductless heating stem directly from the heat pump technology that these systems utilize. You see, they don’t really generate new heat. They absorb existing thermal energy from the air outside by evaporating refrigerant. They compress that refrigerant, and use its heat to warm the air inside. Modern ductless systems are more effective at lower temperatures than ever before, though it’s not a bad idea to have an alternative heat supply, like a wood stove or a furnace incorporated into a dual fuel system, to combat extreme cold.

If that refrigerant process sounds familiar to you, it’s because it’s very similar to the way that an air conditioner works.  And that’s no coincidence—ductless mini splits can actually reverse their operation in the summer to provide you with cooling as well! So you’re really getting 2 systems in 1 when you choose to go ductless, along with great efficiency to boot!

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