Why You Should Only Trust a Pro for Your Drain Cleaning

drain-with-water-going-downWhen you have a clogged drain in your home—one of the most common plumbing problems there is—it’s easy to look for a quick fix. You can hope for the best, but unfortunately, that quick fix isn’t so quick after all.

There are some instances where a little bit of “do-it-yourself” (DIY) work can solve problems. There are other times, however, that it is better to leave the job to trained professionals. Drain clogs can fall into the former category, but when we talk about relieving a drain clog on your own, we don’t mean reaching for that bottle of store-bought drain cleaner you got at the hardware store. We mean using a plunger and a little bit of ‘elbow grease,’ and when that’s not enough it’s time to call a pro.

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The Danger of Chemical Drain Cleaners

The first thing you should know about store-bought chemical drain cleaners is that their use is strongly discouraged by professional plumbers. It’s not that we’re totally opposed to you trying to solve superficial plumbing problems on your own. In fact, there are plenty of home remedies out there for smelly drains that we would absolutely recommend.

But using chemical cleaners isn’t something we’d suggest. First off, they’re only formulated to dissolve certain kinds of clogs and not others. In fact, they can actually push clogs further down the drain, causing a bigger clog. Plus, the chemical residue left behind by these “solutions” will build up on and damage the lining of your pipes, leading to the early demise of your plumbing system. Plus, these cleaners are toxic and can be harmful to members of your household, particularly kids and pets.

“Can’t I Just Use a Plunger?”

Sure! We definitely recommend trying a plunger first. When you have a superficial clog in a drain or two, this might be just the solution. If you use a little bit of force, get a good seal, and try a couple dozen times and you might just relieve the clog.

Keep in mind though, that the source of the clog might be firmly lodged in your drain, and might be further from the opening than your plunger can manage. At this point, it’s time to call in a professional.

The Power of a Professional Drain Snake Service

You can find a drain auger at your local hardware store. But even a lengthy snake might not be enough to truly resolve the problem, particularly if you don’t know exactly what’s clogging your drain or how far down the pipe the clog is located.

Our professionals use a method called video pipe inspection to find exactly where the clog is, and from there we can use a professional grade drain auger to remove the offending clog. If that’s not enough, we’ll use what’s called a hydro-jet tool, which uses an omnidirectional sprayer to scour the inside of the pipes, removing the clog and making it less likely for a clog to form in the future.

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