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Why Is My Boiler Leaking Water?

Monday, October 13th, 2014

In general, a boiler is an extremely reliable heating system that requires little repair over time. Boilers work by heating water and circulating it through a set of pipes and to a baseboard or radiant heat exchanger, such as a radiator or radiant floor heating system. Boilers can be very efficient, and radiant heating may be more comfortable than a forced air furnace.

Because boilers have few mechanical parts, they may not need as many repairs as other types of heating systems. However, with any type of system that involves the use of water, there is a risk of water leaking from time to time. If your boiler is leaking water, there may be many causes. A technician will check for the following problems when you call for heating system repair.

  • High Water Pressure: The expansion tank in your boiler helps protect it from problems caused by excessive water pressure. Your boiler is meant to keep water at a steady pressure level, but if there is a problem with this tank, water may leak from your unit. Luckily, the pressure relief valve safely releases water in the event of high pressure. A leaky pressure relief valve requires immediate repair.
  • Improper Installation: Unfortunately, some leaks occur simply because the system was not installed by expert heating installers. If this is the case, a technician may need to repair the fittings around the tank and solder any faulty connections. Unfortunately, major problems brought on by poor installation may require replacement.
  • Corrosion: If your boiler is leaking due to rust and corrosion, you may need a new unit entirely. While some leaks can be fixed, rust and corrosion generally means your boiler is too old, and there is simply no way to prevent further corrosion. Luckily, boilers are built to resist corrosion, so it should take a long time for rust to affect your system.

Leaks can damage the foundation of your home, lead to reduced heating, or cause mold or mildew to develop, so be sure to call a technician as soon as you suspect a problem.

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Signs That You Need Heating System Repair Service in Chester, VT

Monday, November 19th, 2012

When it comes to keeping your Chester, VT home’s heating system operating at the levels of efficiency and effectiveness that you demand, a proper installation and regular, professional maintenance are necessary. Of course, even with the best installation possible, a high-quality machine and meticulous maintenance service, your heating system is still going to have some trouble every now and then. When problems do develop with your heater it is important that you procure the necessary, professional heating system repair service you need as quickly as possible. The early detection, diagnosis and treatment of your heating system problems is the best way to ensure uninterrupted heating service as well as to keep the necessary repairs as minimal as possible. When you need heating system repairs in Chester, VT, you need to call the heater repair service experts at HB Energy. We have all the skills, training and experience necessary to get your heater back on track in no time. Of course, before you can schedule heating system repairs you must be aware of a problem with your heater. Here are some common warning signs and indicators that you should call for heater repairs.

Any decline in your home heating system’s performance is reason enough to call your professional heating service provider. If you notice that your home has developed cold spots or if your heater is having trouble keeping your home at the desired temperature, call for repair service immediately. These conditions are indicative of a problem with your heater that will only worsen if given the time.

If you notice an increase in the cost of operating your home heating system but have not made any changes to your heating habits you may have a problem requiring professional repair service. This is clearly a case of reduced heating efficiency, and there are many factors that can contribute to this problem. Call for repair service the moment you notice this heating cost increase.

Also, don’t try to convince yourself that an irregularity or inconsistency with your heater is to minor to be cause for alarm. Sure, strange sounds or odors coming from your heating system may not seem like that big a deal. It is important that you do not put off repair service for these conditions, though. They can be warning signs that a much more serious problem is developing.

For more information about keeping your heater operating efficiently and effectively with professional heating system repair service, call HB Energy Solutions. We’ll help you keep your Chester, VT home warm this winter.