Is a Furnace the Right Heater for Me?

opening-furnace-cabinetFor many homeowners, August is one of the months that hits the old air conditioner the hardest. In this part of Vermont, though, it is when you start to feel the night air chill back down, a sign of autumn just waiting to make its triumphant return. We are just about at the end of August as it is, and that means that it is probably time to start really thinking about your home heating system. This is especially true if you are going to need a brand new heater installed this year.

If so, we recommend that you consider the installation of a furnace in your home. We offer a number of fine oil-fired furnaces for you to choose from, including those from trusted manufacturers such as Thermo Pride and Olsen-Airco. A furnace is a fine fit for many homes and can satisfy the user preferences of many homeowners. However, it is important to remember that there is no single furnace that is perfect for everyone. Read on for more information and feel free to contact us with any questions that you have regarding the use of a furnace in Ludlow, VT.

Forced Air Heating: Fast and Effective

A furnace, unlike a boiler system that may use radiators, baseboards, or a hydronic heating system to distribute heat throughout a home, is a forced air system. That means that the furnace heats air directly, and distributes that heated air throughout the house via a system of air ducts. There are a few benefits to heating one’s home in this way.

  • Initial costs. Generally speaking, the cost and installation of a boiler is going to be more affordable upfront than the purchasing and installation of something like a hydronic heating system.
  • Prompt heating. Radiant heating systems are outstanding at maintaining comfortable temperatures throughout a home. When you want to bring temperatures up very quickly, though, it is tough to beat forced air heating.
  • Use existing ductwork. If you have a central air conditioning system, you can use that same ductwork to heat your home with your furnace. You are not going to need another distribution system installed.

As is the case with any heating system, a furnace is not perfect. There are a few potential drawbacks to consider, as well.

  • More parts to fail. A radiant heating system has relatively few moving parts when compared to a furnace. Routine maintenance can help to keep your furnace as dependable as possible, though.
  • Potential inefficiency. When you use air ducts to distribute heat throughout a house, there is the potential for leaks. That can wind up with heated air leaking into areas that don’t need it.
  • Hot air rises. Radiant heating systems apply heat to surfaces in the home directly, and that heat radiates out into the living space. Forced air heating is quick, but the hot air can rise to the ceilings and get trapped up there.

Let us know if you need a new heater this year. Call HB Energy Solutions for all your energy needs. HB Energy Solutions delivers peace of mind.

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