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How Do Solar Energy Systems Work, Anyway?

Monday, September 10th, 2018

solar-skySure, I’d like to go solar. 

Sure, I’d like to save money when using electricity in my home. 

Sure, I’d like to make the greener choice when it comes to powering my appliances and electronics. 

Sure, it sounds great, but I can’t just count on the sun being out all of the time—so I guess solar is not for me, right? 


We get it, you want to be able to use electricity in your home reliably. That means that you cannot really turn to solar power in Southern Vermont. Just think about how early it gets dark out in the winter season!

The fact is, however, that solar energy is a viable energy option, even if the sun goes down early (as it does for so much of the year around here). How is this possible? Well, keep reading for some more information regarding the way in which solar energy systems actually work.


Interested in Solar Energy in Springfield, VT and Claremont, NH Areas?

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Most people are familiar with the renewable energy available through solar panels. Did you know that there are also solar hot water heater systems, solar water heaters and solar heating systems available for your home?

Solar powered systems can save money on an annual basis and require minimal maintenance. Call HB Energy Solutions today to schedule an energy audit and to find out how you can utilize the renewable energy of solar power into your home. HB Energy Solutions provides top quality heating, plumbing, AC, electrical and solar energy services in Vermont and New Hampshire. If you are in the Springfield, VT or Claremont, NH areas and are interested in solar energy or any of our other services contact our offices for expert service.

Solar Hot Water | Springfield | HB Energy Solutions

Solar Hot Water | Springfield | HB Energy Solutions